North & South

North & South

Post by Léolo Lozon » Sun, 14 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Hi All!

I'm looking for this great game made by Infogrames. I'd like to play it
on my PC because my Amiga 500's disk drive is broken :((((
Does anybody know where can I find it? Could it be possible to play it
on my PC using an emulator or something like that?

Thank you very much. Read you soon.


1. Docs for Defender of the Crown, North & South on WinUAE?

Is there any way to save a game when playing Defender of the Crown on
WinUAE? Also, the health meter does not appear during sword-fighting
sequences (I do see this meter on the PC version). Shouldn't this meter
be there? Is documentation available for DOTC?

Same thing with North & South. Is documentation or a strategy guide


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