FA: lots of amiga stuff- video toaster stuff too

FA: lots of amiga stuff- video toaster stuff too

Post by Bohus Blahu » Mon, 12 Feb 2001 11:07:56

    Hi there,

    These auctions end on Sunday, so this is your last chance to get a crack
at some real Amiga rarities!

* ASDG ethernet card- LAST ONE!
* Amiga Lightwave Dynamic Motion Module plug-in
* Amiga Lightwave PowerMacros essential plug-in
* Amiga Lightwave- Sparks! particle plug-in
* Amiga Might&Magic 3- retro video game
* Amiga Video Toaster utility- Directory Opus 4
* 2 books on Amiga DeluxePaint- graphics
* Amiga Zuma fonts collections- graphics video
* Amiga Video Toaster-Essentials tutorial video
* Amiga Ligtwave RARE Metaform video
* Amiga Lightwave Essentials tutorial video
* Amiga- Digital Universe- astronomy program
* Amiga book- "Amiga Video Power" with disk!
* Amiga Video Toaster CG tutorial video

    You can read all of the details by clicking on the following link (or
copying and pasting it into your browser):


    You can also "search by seller" using my nickname "blackhula".

-Bohus Blahut
 (BOH-hoosh BLAH-hoot)

 modern filmmaker