WTB UK Various Amiga Bits UK

WTB UK Various Amiga Bits UK

Post by Paul Matthew » Wed, 04 Mar 1998 04:00:00


I am interested in buying the following Amiga bits:-

EMC CD Phase 1
EMC CD Phase  2
EMC CD Phase  3

ASDG or GVP special wired Amiga Parallel cable (allows connection of
parallel scanners).

EM Magazines Issues 5, 11 and from 13 onwards if they were produced.

Studio II printing software

Amiga Desktop Publishing Book by Larry Hickmot


1. FS: Various amiga bits (UK)

Hi, after a clearout, have the following amiga bits to sell (all taking too
much room, what with 2 pcs and a 4000!):

CBM Amiga 2000 Rev "B" 1mb chip with ECS chipset/2.04 rom twin floppys with
keyboard *boxed*!       **70 inc UK postage**

Keyboard opperated Rom sharer for above with 1.3 rom (also works on
500/500+/1500)          **20 inc UK postage**

GVP HC8+ Scsi controller/ram card populated with 2mb ram (up to  possible)
with Quantum 52mb 3.5" SCSI HD attached    **70 inc UK postage**

GVP Ram8 zorro based 8mb ram card for any zorro equiped amiga (2mb
populated) and boxed                    **30 inc postage**

CBM 1084s Stereo colour monitor  with rgb lead **60 inc UK postage**

Quantum 164mb SCSI 3.5" HD   **25inc postage**

Or all the above for 200 inc UK postage with a load of software
installed/on floppy.

May take a CDTV & cash difference for above. mail me with your offer to

Also have a basic A1200 (2mb no HD) boxed, and a Amiga M1438S multiscan
monitor (250 new) open to offers.........

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Visit us at http://www.jdsys.mcmail.com/

Fax 0113 2935705

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