Triton problems

Triton problems

Post by Anders Melchiors » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 05:09:15

Does anyone have some real life experiences with Triton?

I am trying to use it in one of my programs and have managed to get past most
of the hurdles. This evening, when I finally got my GUI as I wanted it, my
program started crashing.

After some debuging I found that my stack was too small - Triton used around
3KB while opening my window. My problem is that I do not want a stack
requirement of more than the standard 4KB. On the other hand, I do not see what
I can do to make Triton use less stack.

What bothers me the most is that it is really just a small window and I fear
what happens if I should ever design a full screen one?

Has anyone else experienced this stack problem and perhaps even know of a
solution? Or does Triton not really use that much stack and I have just done
something wrong?

Help! :-)

As a PS, I could ask if anyone knows of a working address to Stefan Zeiger (the
author of Triton.) I have tried some of the ones listed in the Triton
distribution but none of them worked :-(.


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1. Problems with Aztec C5.2a and Triton

Just out of couriosity, I tried to get Triton to work with my old Aztec C
version (Aztec C68k/Amiga 5.2a). I encountered a strange problem and was
unable to overcome it:

in the demo file demo.c, there is this line:

  WindowTitle("Groups"), WindowPosition(TRWP_CENTERDISPLAY), WindowUnderscore("~"), WindowID(1),

#define ProjectDefinition(name) struct TagItem name[]=
#define WindowTitle(t)          TRWI_Title,(ULONG)(t)

so this structure is a taglist.

Now, I get am error claiming that the expression (ULONG) "Group" is not a
constant, which it must be to be legal in a declaration.

Who can tell me how to change this to be a constant expression? All other
compilers I fed with such an expression worked fine.

Bye and thanks in advance
Kasi Mir

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