TKG leved

TKG leved

Post by Philip Kaulfus » Sat, 30 Nov 1996 04:00:00

Anyone been playing with the TKG leved source code then? =)

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1. Saving clips in leved

I've been playing around with the TKG leved, but I don't know what's happening
when I try to save a clip file.  After following the short tutorial with the 2
zones, I went to save the clip file, typed 'a' and waited.  It sticks a 66% and
puts the message 'define viewing order 3' in the status bar.  I dunno if I'm
supposed to wait here or type something.  I left it for a while, but it was just
the same when I came back, so I tried bashing a few keys.  I hit an arrow key
and the map scrolled, I don't know if I quit the process, or if it was finished,
because the damn thing is so unfriendly it doesn't tell you what it's up to half
of the time.  =( So, what are you meant to do?  I don't think it should take all
that long to create the clip file as it was just the tiny tutorial level.
Anyhow, the level didn't work when I tried to load it into the game.  And it
took about half an hour of fiddling with dirs and snoopdos to get it working.


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