Tower options

Tower options

Post by Robert Lowr » Mon, 01 Dec 1997 04:00:00

I want to put my A1200 in a tower case, and would just like to ask what
would be the best choice.  Should I go for the commercial or DIY option.
Which commercial tower is the best option and the best value for money etc.
Any help will be appreciated.



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Well, it looks like I'll probably be getting a tower for my 1200 in the
near(?) future, so I've been trying do comparisons. So far the Microniks
tower seems pretty good. Although, can anyone tell me if having a ZorroIII
instead of a ZorroII will make a difference when used with a graphics card
like the PicassoIV? Also, just how many different towers are there for the
1200 and could you point me to a web site (in english) or give me some
information about them? What are your opinions?


I'm considering eventually getting this and have a few questions.

1) Do I need a PCI slot on the Amiga side to use this "all in one tower"?
   (I'd be getting just the motherboard for the PC.)

2) This is actually about the tower... Will there be any trouble fitting
   everything (amiga + siamese + PC + various cards + PSU + etc) into the
   1200 mini-towers?

3) Are you able to access the IDE devices on the PC from the Amiga side
   and are there any draw backs to doing this [both with IDE and SCSI]?

4) How will the whole system be connected to the PSU?

Any information will be greatly appreciated.

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