Using PC SCSI-disk with PC-Task ??

Using PC SCSI-disk with PC-Task ??

Post by Brian Ips » Wed, 20 Mar 1996 04:00:00


 I just wondered, if it is possible to use a SCSI harddisk from a PC
with PC-task. The disk is fdisk'ed with dos 6.22, but my concern is
how to configure PC-Task...

 If it isn't possible, is it then possible to connect the HD to the
Amiga and via a mountlist entry to gain access to the drive ??

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1. How to acces PC HD on Amiga and PC-Task?


I want to transfer many/large data from a pc to the amiga.
I want to do this by using a normal 3.5" SCSI harddisk in a
removable frame that can be inserted in the pc tower and in
the external mini tower case for the A1200 with SCSI.
Since the pc can't read amiga formatted harddisks, the
harddisk needs to be pc formatted.

Now the question, how do I access this pc formatted harddisk
on the Amiga from Amiga side and how to access it also from
PC-Task side?
Do I need to make a mountlist, how should it look like, etc?
Should I use HDToolbox with Custom FileSystem, which custom
filesystem, how do I set it....?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


The Netherlands


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