2090's and SCSI

2090's and SCSI

Post by Matthew Donald Drow » Fri, 05 Jun 1992 08:20:45

        I have a 2090 controller hooked up an A2000 (unknown rev, but old),
along with 2 mfm drives, each with 2 partitions.  I am running 1.2,
along with FFS on 2nd partition via software lib.
        I just bought two scsi drives to hook up to the controller, and
stumbled into a big problem.  The drive wants a mountlist for the 2nd
scsi drive.  I can install one drive without problem, but the 2nd drive
I need to mount via a mountlist entry.  I don't have any specs on the
2nd scsi drive.  Last I knew, I shouldn't have to define stuff in the
mountlist?  What's up?

Two other questions.  
1)  The one scsi device I have hooked up is a seagate st-225n, and it
seems to be only slightly faster than floppies.   Is this correct?  My
MFM drives are much faster.
2)  Every partition I mount takes up 50k of ram.  On my 1meg Amiga, this
is kinda expensive with 5 "parts".  Is the only solution to buy more

(Thanx for any help in advance.)


1. Old 2090/SCSI problem: can't find handler

I have an A2000 with an old A2090 non-autobooting controller.  Recently
I added a Quantum ELS42AT 40 meg harddrive to augment an aging
ST506-type drive.  I have been able to prep, format, and use the new
drive with any size first partition (the one mounted by binddrivers),
up to and including the entire disk.  Every time I try to format an
additional partition, however, (either FFS or non-FFS) I get the message:

sys:system/format failed -
cannot find handler

I don't know what version of hddisk.device I have (I got it around the
time when I got the 2090, just before the 2090A was introduced). The
file size of my version of hddisk.device is 9436.  The mountlist
entries I used are a bit long for a post, but I can send them to
anyone who thinks they might help them diagnose the problem.  Anyone
have any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Carl Bruggeman

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