What is DOOM? Doom is

What is DOOM? Doom is

Post by Kevin Bro » Mon, 03 Oct 1994 19:07:00

> [...]
>>games.  Jurassic Park had a nice 3D bit.  We know it can be done in pr
>          ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
> [...]
> You mean the 3D fly-through file manager thing?  That was on an SGI,
> not an Amiga.  Remember "this is a Unix machine-- I know this!" :-)
> But what does that have to do with Doom?  Not exactly the same class
> of application!

Err...Translation: the GAME Jurassic Park had a nice (?) 3D Doom-like
bit.  A classic case of misunderstanding.

1. Am?Doom download page is no more

Because http://www.ml.org has ceased all operations as of Dec 18 1998 I have
drawn a close to http://surf.to/adoom (that link is deleted now) and
http://adoom.ml.org will no longer exist after the end of Jan 1999.
It had a good 6 months run from the beginning of 1998 but after then
development completely stopped so I stopped updating it.

And NO I will not do a Hexen download page.

(this is a once off post to csag, I won't be reading the newsgroup, all
replies to me via email please)

Darwin on IRCNet #amiga, ICQ 12819326

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