4-Sale: ***AMAX II (v2.56) with 128K ROMs***

4-Sale: ***AMAX II (v2.56) with 128K ROMs***

Post by Kie » Mon, 10 Oct 1994 09:02:27

I have an original AMAX II for sale.  It comes with the V2.56 software &
MAC+ 128K ROMs.  I am running it with System 7 without any problem.  I
want the Emplant board, so this has got to go before I can afford to pay
for the Emplant.  I will also sell the ROMs separately for those who
need them.

AMAX II with software:  $80
        ROMs         :  $40
        Both         : $110

I will pay for shipping if you prepay.  Otherwise, shipping's not included.

I also have a Mac 800K floppy which I would like to save for Emplant, but
I will only sell it as a whole package for $150 (AMAX II & ROMs & 800K drive.)

All original software & box & manual are included.  I will also throw in
Mac System software & other misc. utilities.

I believe this will work with all Amiga computers.  Send offers/inquiries to



1. 4-Sale: ***AMAX II (v2.56) with 128K


The message seemed to get a bit chopped up. If you have an AmaxII, what is
the price? Also, does it work with an A1200? My mother needs some Mac
capability, and since her A1200 has no Zorro slots, she can't use an
Emplant or the new Amax.

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