Emplant, Picasso, A2065, Buster11, A3000s, 040, more

Emplant, Picasso, A2065, Buster11, A3000s, 040, more

Post by John C Whal » Mon, 15 May 1995 04:00:00

*** Amiga stuff for sale ****

I need money for tuition and so I need to sell off things until I
have enough... All prices are OBO and do not include shipping.

 Emplant Deluxe with 5.3 software, new SCSI chip, Mac ROMs

 Picasso II gfx card fully populated (2 megs)

 A2065 ethernet card with CenterCOM 10BaseT transceiver

 1x4 80ns static column ZIPs for A3000s
 $150 per 4 megs, up to 32 megs

 Super Buster Rev. 11
 $70 with trade of Rev. 9

 Upgraded SCSI chip for A3000 (WD33C93A-08)
 $15 with trade for PROTO chip

 OS3.1 40.68 upgrade kit for A3000 (incl. ROM, orig. disks, manuals, box)
 $90 total
 $65 KS 3.1 ROM only
 $25 software, box, manuals, superkickstart 40.68 only

 OS2.04 ROMs for A3000 (required for 040 cards)

 G-Force 040-28mhz for A3000, 2 meg populated /8 meg 40ns cache RAM
   Newest revision, CPU fan, works with all nonsuperkickstart A3000's

 3.5" high density floppy for A3000 (Chinon FB-357A)

 3.5" double density floppy for A3000

 DSS8 sound sampler, newest DSS8+ software

 DeskJet Plus printer

 Dale Luck's Boing! optical three button mouse with mirror mousepad

 A3000/UX "pregnant" 400DPI 3 button mouse

 Amiga RGB -> VGA adapter

 Computer speaker system (9 watt, 3.5") with bass, treble boost,
   switchable inputs, mic, headphone, CDROM jacks, AC adapter

 Commodore A10 speaker system with AC adapter

 Amiga UNIX tape with 2 user license, installation floppies

 Quantum 105S (1.5 meg/s 3.5HH)

 Quantum PD210S (2.0 meg/s 3.5HH)

 Quantum Prodrive LPS 240 (2.0 meg/s 3.5QH)

 Quantum LT540S (3.5 meg/s 3.5QH, brand new)

 Panasonic Panasync C1381i multisync monitor (14" .28dp)

 Microsoft Mouse (the new one), serial version, unopened box

Here are complete systems I will sell:

 A3000/UX with UX faceplate
 2 meg chip RAM, 16 meg fast RAM (static column)
 OS 2.04 ROMs
 Enhanced SCSI chip
 Super Buster Rev. 11
 A2065 ethernet card with 10baseT transceiver
 Amiga UNIX tape and floppy
 Quantum LPS240 with NetBSD 1.0 and Amiga UNIX preinstalled
 High density floppy drive
 "Pregnant" A3000UX 3 button mouse, keyboard, speakers, joystick, etc
        A complete Unix workstation for only $1500

 G-Force 040-28 mhz with 2 meg populated/8 meg 40ns cache
 2 meg chip RAM, 16 meg fast RAM (static column) (22 MEGS TOTAL!)
 OS 3.1 ROMs
 Enhanced SCSI chip
 Super Buster Rev. 11
 Picasso II / 2 megs
 Emplant Deluxe with new SCSI, Mac ROMS
 High density floppy drive
 Quantum LT540S, preformatted with 350 meg of various commercial titles
 Boing! optical mouse, mirror pad, keyboard, speakers, joystick, etc
        A high-speed graphics machine/Mac emulator for only $2300

Emplant Deluxe with Quantum 105, Mac formatted with System 7.5.1 and other
Mac software, SCSI cable:               $300

John Whaley


Emplant, Picasso, A2065, Buster11, A3000s, 040, more

Post by Obrienk » Tue, 16 May 1995 04:00:00

I am interested in the OS3.1 and the A3000 HD FDD please email with


1. A3000/040/Picasso/Emplant 4 SALE!

Amiga 3000/25Mhz
3.1 ROM and 3.1 WB
Rev 11 Buster, Rev 8 WD SCSI Chip
GVP GForce 040 - 28 Mhz 68040 with 2MB RAM Installed (can take 8MB maximum)
20MB RAM Total - 2MB CHIP 18MB FAST  (16MB on motherboard and 2MB on 040
Picasso II with 2MB RAM
Emplant Deluxe with Mac 7.5.1 Partition setup
2 Internal Hard Drives: Quantum 240LPS & Quantum 105
Hi-Density Internal Floppy
Amiga 3000 Keyboard (includes SafeSkin keyboard cover)
Boing 3 Button Optical Mouse and MousePad
Commodore A10 Stereo Speaker System
lots o' floppies, joystick, etc.....

To be sold as complete unit:  $2000

Please respond by email

Barry Einstein                   |  Certified Apple Specialist            

My other computer is an Amiga!   |  4 West 20th Street,NYC NY 10011
                                 |  (212) 463-8585 ext. 209

2. Huffman Compression

3. FS:AMIGA 4000 040/16mb Buster11 $450 shipped!

4. Palm Phone Dialer

5. fs:4000 040/16mb/1gig/buster11/cheap

6. Does exedesk work with Warp?

7. WTT: A4640 040/25 and Emplant Deluxe for a 40 mhz or faster 040 accelator

8. Where to download URLScan and IIS Lockdown Tools?

9. Amiga 4000/040/40, Emplant, DblScan, software

10. FS: Amiga 4000/040/40, Emplant Deluxe, DblScan 4000 and software

11. FS: Amiga 4000 040/40 Picasso IV

12. ****************FS:3K,zips ram,opal vision,emplant deluxe,warp 40/040