Post by MKiers » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

For sale Flyer $3500 + COD + shipping



Post by MKiers » Thu, 20 Nov 1997 04:00:00

For sale flyer $3500 +  COD


1. FS: Flyer System

FLYER SYSTEM FOR SALE!!!    -    $ 8,500.00 OBO

I am not a dealer but I am able to take Visa, MC, and Amex for payment
(with 5% surcharge) or cash pre-payment.
You will be responsible for shipping charges.

Please respond by e-mail if you want to make offers.

Leave your phone # and best time to call to complete transaction over
Or call:
Tom Kubat, VIP, Inc.  (800) 775-4288
3058 Marilyn Way
Santa Barbara, CA 93105

All items are in excellent condition with all manuals and original
disks, etc.
This system is great!  Everything works & is stable.  Our studio has two
Avid MC-1000's and only use the Flyer for Lightwave...

Amiga 4000 - 040 with 4MB of RAM on Mother Board
Warp Engine 040 at 40mhz with 28MB of Fast Ram (Total System 34MB)
External cable for Warp SCSI-2 driver
Maxtor 1.2 GB IDE Drive
Video Toaster 4000, V.4.1
Lightwave 4.1
Video Flyer, V.4.1
YCP-1000 (The BEST YC I/O adapter for the Toaster Flyer)
Magnavox Pro RGB Monitor
No flyer drives...I have a 4GB Seagate 15150N if you want to offer extra
for it.
Octopus Cable
Sync Strainer
Deluxe Paint 4.1
Directory Opus 4
AdPro 2.5
Morph Plus
Pixel Pro
Cross DOS & Cross MAC with drivers for Jazz & Zip drives
Lots of other software, utilities, etc. downloaded from internet.

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