FS: NEC Multisync 2A

FS: NEC Multisync 2A

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NEC Multisync 2A monitor.  This monitor works perfectly, but there are
several things that you must keep in mind:

1. The 15-pin standard plug has been replaced with a 23-pin Amiga-standard
   connector.  I have the pin-out if you want to replace it.

2. The "bowing/hourglass" effect varies slightly depending on the frequency
   the monitor is sync'ing too.  You may have to adjust the internal
   settings to make the image look straight on your system.

3. It doesn't sync down to 15khz.  This means that it only supports
   (s)VGA/multisync screenmodes, *not* PAL or NTSC.

Make an offer!!!



+1 717 662 7402



1. FS: Monitor: NEC MultiSync 2A

For Sale:

NEC MultiSync 2A monitor.


This monitor works quite nicely, but there are several things of which you
should be made aware.  The 15-pin VGA connector has been replaced with a
23-pin Amiga connector.  Depending on the machine/screenmode that you are
using, you will probably need to fine-tune the internal bowing and color
balance controls.  Note also that this monitor does NOT support 15khz
(PAL/NTSC) video modes.

I am truly looking to get rid of this beast, so feel free to make me an
offer.  Please contact me via e-mail or voice phone, not UseNet.



Voice: +1 717 662 7402

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