Windows GDI printers - AmigaDOS Drivers?

Windows GDI printers - AmigaDOS Drivers?

Post by Darren Stev » Sat, 13 May 1995 04:00:00

A lot of manufacturers (NEX, Xerox, Star, Brother...) are selling personal
laser printers with a MS-Windows GDI interface.

This GDI interface is set up so that all the heavy processing is done on
the PC's by Windows, then simple transfers a made to the printer. printer
performance is largely determined by your machine (up to a max that the
printer can support). Each manufacturer has their own implementation I
suspect. Well thats how I understand it.

These printers are CHEAP ($A600-900). In fact they overlap some of the
better bubble jet printers.

Does anyone know anything more about them?

Does an AmigaDOS printer driver exist for any of them?

Any info would be appreciated. I am about to hassle a friend who bought an
NEC Superscript, which I think falls into this category. Hopefully a
programmers manual exists, and I can do a driver.

Thanks for any help,

Darren Steven

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