A2500/30, 5MB, AT BridgeBoard, 40MB+80MB HDs, more

A2500/30, 5MB, AT BridgeBoard, 40MB+80MB HDs, more

Post by James A. Drent » Sun, 02 Feb 1992 01:26:04

        Amiga 2500/30 for sale:
        Standard A2500 with 68030/68882 running 25 mHz
        1 MB Chip, 4 MB Fast = 5 MB RAM
        40 MB Quantum SCSI HD
        2091 SCSI Controller
        1084S Color Monitor
        Mouse, Keyboard, joystick
        1.3 ROMs installed/Manuals/etc.
        *** 2286 AT BridgeBoard w/1 MB and 5 1/4 HD Floppy ***
        *** Provides IBM/AT Hardware/Software compatibility (w/slots) ***
        *** 80 MB Conner HD - can be partitioned to use as extra Amiga
            storage, or use all of it for the BridgeBoard.

        SAS/C 5.10

Asking $2,500 for everything.  Will ship anywhere in U.S./Canada for free.
First serious/reasonable offer takes it.

I'll throw in several books (including that elusive Abacus book "Programming
Amiga Disk Drives"!), a mouse pad, some PD software, etc.  It's about 2 years
old, perfect condition (I baby it), and I'll ship it in the original boxes.
Info. available upon request.  You can reach me through E-Mail, or telephone
at US-(309)-295-3508.

James Drenter

(309) 295-3508


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A2000 System For Sale in USA only.

A2000 Serial #CA1070971
  1 MB base ram
  1 3.5" floppy
GVP A3001 Combo Card
  68030 28Mhz w/ 68882 math co-processor
  4 MB 32 bit memory
  IDE interface
  80 MB hard disk
A108X (???) original Amiga 1000 monitor
Amiga mouse
Collection of joysticks
Collection of older software
Many blank floppies

I am looking to move in the next month or so and I have not
used the machine in years so I don't really want to have to
move it.  I just powered up the machine and ran through some
of the hard disk.  The machine is in excellent condition.
The only consideration is the right mouse button can be iffy.

Looking for $500 plus shipping.  Match it -it's yours, or

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