FS: A3000/late A2000 Production Keyboard (Without External Case, read)

FS: A3000/late A2000 Production Keyboard (Without External Case, read)

Post by Antony Alons » Fri, 23 Jul 1999 04:00:00


I have an A3000 keyboard complete and fully functional. The problem is, the
US Mail weasels destroyed the outter case in transit to Mike Leavitt's
house (hiya, Mike :). I'm looking to sell it for $30 if someone simply
wants a drop-in replacement using their pre-existing keyboard shell. This
keyboard will fit A3000s and late production A2000 cases (but not the
early ones). Contact me for questions, comments, etc.

And hey, if you happen to have a *dead* keyboard and don't need the shell,
I'd buy it off you so I'd have another complete keyboard (as another


System Specs (for comp.sys.amiga.* newsgroup posts):
A3000T, *Vision64, MultiFaceIII, BJ-610, MKIII w/128mb Fast RAM, VLAB,
2.1GB HD, 1 GB HD, 500mb HD, Plextor 4X CDROM, Yamaha 4416S 16x/4x/4x,
Paragon 600SPII Flatbed scanner, USR V.90 Courier, 17" MAG


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Hello out there....

I'm looking for a dead A2000, A2500, or even A3000 keyboard, or even just the
case from any of these. I'd like the cable as well, if possible.

I'll take a working keyboard in a pinch :), but i'm really looking for something to throw my A500 keyboard into, and don't want to pay too much......

Alternately, I'll pay miniscule amounts for IBM keyboards in varous states of disrepair.




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