Wanted: Floppy Drive for A1000

Wanted: Floppy Drive for A1000

Post by Laura Tayl » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 00:40:57

I am looking for a second floppy drive for me A1000. If you
have one you'd like to sell, please send me an e-mail.



1. Wanted: 880K internal floppy drive for A1000

I need to find a replacement for the 880K internal floppy drive in an
A1000.  With the DKB internal 1.5MB memory expansion board there no room
for a substitute drive that may be of slightly different dimensions and
have slightly different connector placment.  I've already checked, and
found that the A1000 external floppy drives cannot be used as a replacement
for the internal drives.  Does anyone know of a source for the original
A1000 internal floppy drives?

Thanks in advance.

Neal Granroth

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