trade PC stuff for Ami stuff

trade PC stuff for Ami stuff

Post by John Q Publi » Mon, 17 Jul 2000 04:00:00

Anyone looking to trade their amiga stuff for PC stuff?
I'm looking for a hot-rodded 1200 or a 4000, but lemme know whatcha' got.

Example of what I have available:
(3) Compaq 256MB PC-100 ECC SDRAM modules
(1) Intel P-III/500 CPU
(2) HP 4 GiG DAT drives


Lemme know whatcha' got, and whatcha lookin' fer

remove the obvious stuff from the email address!!!


1. TRADE: My Amiga stuff for PC stuff...

I have the following Amiga stuff to sell/trade.  I have a Pentium system and
am looking for an SVGA monitor, 24-bit scanner, graphics card (S3 Virge /
4MB / Direct Draw), other items of interest?

Here's what I have to trade:

---  Hardware  ---
DKB 3128 w/ 0K RAM
EGS Spectrum graphics card

---  Software  ---
ADPro v2.5
VistaPro v3.0
PC-Task v3.0
Directory Opus v3.41
FinalCopy II
SoftClips (clipart, use with FinalCopy)
SoftFaces (fonts, use with FinalCopy)
Aminet 9 CD-ROM (software from Aminet)

E-mail me with offers.

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