AmigaOne A1200 or A4000.. That is the question

AmigaOne A1200 or A4000.. That is the question

Post by Graha » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Hi folks!

I suppose a fair few of us are going to upgrade their A1200/A4000 to
AmigaOne. I (probably not alone) have a 4000 and a couple of 1200's. I am
undecided which flavour AmigaOne to go for but due to the obvious difference
between the A1200 edge and A4000 CPU daughter socket once you commit to an
AmigaOne you are stuck with a particular classic architecture.

To help me decide which route to go I have compiled a small list of
advantages/disadvantages for each particular machine.... Please feel free to
point out the errors in my logic and add to these!

Advantages - Faster zorro, Faster i/f to custom chips, Faster delivery of
68000 emulation by G3/4

Disadvantages - Higher cost Tower, Higher cost to repair/replace classic
M/Board if it dies.

Advantages - Cheaper Tower, Cheaper repairs/replacement of M/Board, More
support (more in use?)

Disadvantages - Slower i/f to custom chips etc (Is this right?) and
therefore 68K emu, slower zorro?

Also I think that many A3000 owning American Amigans will be going down the
A1200 route  - A1200HD's can be had in the small ads in U.K. for $60-$100
including often '30 acc.!!

Hope this provokes a good discussion and perhaps eyetech could contribute?

Graham Lerant


1. AmigaOne A1200/A4000

 I'd also like to know how the 1200/4000 side and the "AmigaOne" side
coexist.  Is it a crude hack ala the C=128's 8502 (6502/6510 compatible)
and 8080 union where only one side can run at a time?  Can the 1200/4000
sliding screens coexist with the AmigaOne sliding screens (an assumption
they're bright enough to maintain this feature)?  Amiga Inc has been
really bad about releasing anything other than vagueries.

  If the craptacular 8088 XT BridgeBoard could run concurrently with the
ole Amiga 2000 (or SideCar and the A1000, or the A500 and any of it's
IBM-clone cards) then by jesus, the real Amiga and the AmigaOne should run
together also, sharing resources, etc.  Somehow, considering we don't seem
to be retaining speech nor sprites nor playfields nor genlocking nor
MPEG-2 video editing (promised in 1999), I rather have my doubts about
this approach.  I guess it'd be a waste of time to ask when the Amiga will
finally get speech recognition.  I remember when the Amiga was always on
the bleeding edge.  Now it's going to be "off-the-shelf inside".

  I imagine if enough Amigans insisted that Amiga Inc., set up standards
for doing it the right way, they might listen.  Then again, this iteration
of Amiga Inc has the reputation for being less willing to listen to the
users than Escom, VisCorp or even Gateway/Amiga.  Perhaps Moss and McEwen
are Ali and Gould reincarnated.  Just our luck, they'll be the ones to
succeed in actually bringing out a new box with an Amiga sticker on it.
If only because they're cobbling together everybody else's hardware and
software.  It's easier than doing it all yourself.  Tao and all that path
of least resistance BS.

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