E-Clock suggestion

E-Clock suggestion

Post by Eric J. Schwertfeg » Sun, 14 Oct 1990 17:07:00

        Never Mind my idea of halving the clock at the timer, the 8250
uses the same pin for timing and for addressing.  However, here's
another idea, this time possibly more feasable.
        The A and B timers can both be set to count off either the
E clock, or some pin CNT.  Now, if we feed CNT the E-Clock divided
by two, and set the timers to use that instead, then we should be able
to run the 14Mhz hack without any timer problems.
        However, this depends on being able to set the appropriate
bits in the control register and having them stay that way.  So, the
question is, when does Exec set those bits?  Once on initialization,
or every time it sets up a timer request?  Anybody know?


1. Possible E-Clock fixes

        I was (as many people do) looking over the infamous 14Mhz hack for
the Amiga and was wondering about the possibility of the following solution
to the E-Clock problem.

        Since the mod requires the acquisition of a 14Mhz CPU, you're obviously
going to have an extra 7Mhz CPU sitting around.
        Would it be possible to take that 7Mhz part, hook up the supply voltages,
7Mhz input clock (and maybe a couple other things), and then run the E-Clock
from that CPU into the Amiga's E-Clock input (leaving everything else
unconnected).  Then you would just let the E-Clock from the 14Mhz CPU remain
unconected.  Thus you should have a GENUINE 7Mhz based E-Clock signal ALL the

        Will this work?

        -- Matt

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