Please HELP with M2AMIGA

Please HELP with M2AMIGA

Post by BRIAN DRENN » Wed, 17 Nov 1993 04:07:40

 I downloaded the M2AMIGA demo a long time ago and I still can't seem to make it work. I have installed it on my 600HD but the archive came with no installation documentation. So, I don't know if I have to ASSIGN anything or what? Whenever I try to compile the demo programs included in the archive or some modules I wrote myself, the compiler starts listing the libraries used and whenever it gets to InOut.sym it say "errors found" (or something like that).
 Does anyone know what's wrong. I desperately want to get this thing to work so I can do some assignments at home. Help would therefore be greatly appreciated. :-)

 Thanks! Brian Drennan.


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  I hate taking to begging, but sometimes it's the only way.  I recently
upgraded my 14400 modem on my A3000 to a Supra Express 33.6.  In order
to accomadate this, I changed my serial parameters to RTS/CTS, 8n1, put
the Serial speed to the max, and the buffer to the max.  I did this as
well with my Term program.  (Both TERM 4.0 and Jr Comm.)  Upon downloading
I get a very nice CPS rate and everything is dandy.  However upon
uploading, I get packet errors like mad.  And my CPS goes down to about
1900.  My question is, how do I resolve these packet errors from
happening?  I have an 040 in the machine.  SO it is quick enough.  I have
tried moving the files into RAM off the Hard-drive, but the errors continue.
Suggestions, help?  Please!  My BBS goes up Monday, and it will be very
unproffesional to run the BBS with packet errors occuring.

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