Info on programming wanted

Info on programming wanted

Post by Frederick Theil » Mon, 06 Apr 1992 12:44:36


>   I was wondering if any of you out there could supply me with a little info.
>I want to start developing software on my Amiga (A500, 2 floppies, 50 meg HD,
>2 meg RAM).  Could someone tell me what a beggining programmer (at least on
>the Amiga) needs to start producing software? I tried using AmigaBASIC, but
>after about ten minutes I decided it has one of the worst editors in the world
>and really stinks at making stand-alone programs.  Here's what type of info I

>    1) What language should I use ( C, Pascal, Assembly, ...)

     Personal preference.  I like C.  There aren't any professional
 pascal compilers, but you could get away with PCQ (pd/shareware).
 If you like assembler, go for it.  It's not hard to integrate asm and

Quote:>    2) What books do I need (ROM Kernal manuals and the like)

     The RKMs are needed for anything serious.  If you know nothing
 about programming on the Amiga (specifically) then you should start
 elsewhere.  There is a C manual available on a fish disk.  It's
 rather good.  Takes up three or four disks.

Quote:>    3) Any suggestions on PD compilers and stuff that I should use.

     DICE is great, but the unregistered version doesn't do floats.
 If you intend on not ever paying for anything, you might want to
 look at NorthC, PDC, GCC, or the other numerous C compilers.

>  I know this sounds a little odd to be asking, but I bought my Amiga to
>program with (and to play games, but that is besides the point), and have had
>no luck at finding any useful compilers or any books on Amiga programming. Any
>help on the subject would be greatly appreciated.

     That's why I bought MY Amiga.  I just couldn't afford books.  The
 only Amiga book I got was Inside the Amiga with C, which I didn't like.

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Info on programming wanted

Post by Christopher M. St » Tue, 07 Apr 1992 16:25:13

I'd just like to thank everyone who responded.  Now, can anyone tell me were I
can get a copy of DICE?

Thanks again.

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