Need Help/Info on Amiga Programming?

Need Help/Info on Amiga Programming?

Post by Adrian De Lu » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

  I have been an Amiga user now for 7 years and can say quite passionately
love this machine. Which is why I wish to take the initiate to begin
doing some programming for it, but there seems like many obsticles in
my way.

  I am now a confident (UNIX) C programmer and do quite alot X-Windows GUI
programming (which is quite different!) so I am no real beginner.
What I would like to know is some answers to the following questions?

 * How good is GCC compared to SAS/DICE compilers?

 * Where can I find some good paper/electronic info on Amiga C prgramming?
   (For OS 3+)

 * Where can I find paper/electronic Autodocs/Includes/Styleguides info from?

 * What is the (easiest) GUI builder for OS 3+?

 As you can see, I need a complete starting stone to Amiga programming :)

 E-Mail responses would be greatly appreciated



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Need Help/Info on Amiga Programming?

Post by Richard P. O'Sulliva » Sun, 05 Nov 1995 04:00:00

Quote:> ...
>  * How good is GCC compared to SAS/DICE compilers?

    The SAS/C++ compiler has been the standard but many speak well of the
others.  I believe that GCC uses different object file formats, so I stay
with SAS/C.  Although, SAS officially dropped support for this compiler,
the SAS team continue to place update patches on the Aminet.  God bless

Quote:>  * Where can I find some good paper/electronic info on Amiga C prgramming?
>    (For OS 3+)
>  * Where can I find paper/electronic Autodocs/Includes/Styleguides info from?

    Everyone who programs the Amiga starts with the ROM Kernal
Reference Manuals (known as the RKMs or gray books) , published by

    - RKM Libraries, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-201-56774-1
    - RKM Includes and Autodocs, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-201-56773-3
    - RKM Devices, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-201-56775-X


    - Amiga User Interface Style Guide, ISBN 0-201-57757-7

    There's also a useful manual on AmigaDOS published by Bantum Books:

    - The AmigaDOS Manual, 3rd Edition, ISBN 0-553-35403-5

Quote:>  * What is the (easiest) GUI builder for OS 3+?

    There have been several GUI builder's over the years.  CATS put out
one called Toolmaker, GadOutline by Dianne Hackborn, GenGui by Matthias
Meixner, and the controversial MUI.  MUI leverages development time well
but adds a lot of overhead to the otherwise efficient Intuition GUI.  I
stopped using AMosaic because it or MUI crashed my system much too
often.  Word is that a new version of MUI is due in January, and Amiga
coders do wonderful things over time.

Quote:>  As you can see, I need a complete starting stone to Amiga programming :)

    As a UNIX coder you should be at home with the Amiga architecture,
once you get comfortable with Intuition.  AmigaDOS is not UNIX, of
course, it's more like a sports car; very efficient but demanding.  You
should also get Mungwall and Enforcer from the Aminet.  These utilities
report memory faults and wayward pointers, so you can stomp them out from
your code.

    Welcome to the fold, we all look forward your contributions! :-)

Altofirma Web Works                                Richard P. O'Sullivan



1. Need to replace Amiga monitor - need info/help

Greetings, all...

   Well, I've been a bad boy.  I ignored symptoms of arcing inside my
Commodore monitor for a long time, and then this morning the horizontal
scan blew out for good, and now all I have for a display is a vertical
line.  (Within that line, colors are right for the screens I know (well,
KNEW at the time; I've since turned it off!) are there, and I can see the
mouse pointer moving, sort of.  So I know/hope that the video circuitry is
okay and this is just a monitor problem.)

   A friend of mine repairs TVs and claims that he can fix it, but that the
parts are likely to be "pricey" -- if he can get them at ALL.  So I'm
looking for alternatives.

   First off, I'm not entirely sure what model monitor this is.  It has the
"Amiga-specific, rectangular" style of RGB connector, rather than the round
DIN style of the Commodore 1084S.  Mono sound I believe.  The nameplate on
the front, just below the left of the screen proper, says "Amiga" and has
the checkmark logo, but there's no model number anywhere obvious.  On a
sticker on the back, there's "Commodore" (and a date in 1985, probably when
it was built) and "Made in Japan."  Can anyone tell me what specific model
monitor this is, so that I will know what to ask for in my searching?

   Second, is there a "known, standard, reliable" source of PARTS for this
monitor?  I'd like my friend to have as few problems as possible, in
finding any he may need!  

   Third, if he's UNABLE to repair it, how easy or difficult is it to find
this monitor (or an equivalent: the important things are a decent display
and the appropriate "rectangular" RGB connector -- OR a cable which will
connect the Amiga 2000 RGB signal/connector, to some OTHER monitor, for
instance the round DIN connector on the 1084S)?  What is/are the going
price(s) for (these items)?  Anybody here have a monitor of the type I just
blew, or a 1084S with an A2000 cable, you want to sell/trade?  

   Fourth, if anyone has any additional suggestions for ways to get back
"up and displaying" on my good ol' 2000, I'd appreciate hearing them.

   And lastly, and I know you hate this, but please bear with me -- my ISP
expires articles faster than I can keep up with them: i.e., articles will
arrive, expire, and disappear, between the time I log off in the evening
and the time I log in the next morning.  I rarely see even my OWN posts,
let alone the complete selection of followups.  So, if it's not too much to
ask, I'd like to humbly request that you e-mail me a copy of your reply to
this message, even if you ALSO POST.  I'll be reading the newsgroup(s), of
course, but I may NOT SEE your post and that would be a shame.

   Thanks in advance,

     Chris Chiesa

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