AMIGA Books and Hard Drivin' Game FORSALE

AMIGA Books and Hard Drivin' Game FORSALE

Post by Benjamin Keno » Tue, 18 Oct 1994 00:02:47



Amiga ROM Kernal Manual Libraries and Devices (for KS 1.3)      -  $5.00
Amiga Programmers Handbook Volumes 1 and 2 (SYBEX, for KS 1.3)  -  $5.00


Hard Drivin' II           - $5.00

Please respond by E-Mail if interested.

                                        Dan Oberlin


1. Hey All you Hard Drivin' and Hard Drivin' II players

Sorry about the long title, but I wanted to get everyone's attention.  I know
this game is old, and that it's not really all that good (They could have done
better).  But the point is, they gave an editor with it and I was wondering
if anyone would like to try out some of my tracks (grin).  If ya would like to
tray your hand at beating my tracks (or even if ya just are tired of the
original 5) post it or mail me, I'll read it and find out :)

There's no harm in putting these things on wuarchive right? >> shrug <<

Let me know! :)

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