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***Price Reduced: SupraRam 500rx***

I have a SupraRam 500rx Ram expander for sale.

This unit plugs into the side expansion port of the A500, and autoconfigures
on power up.  There is no config software to run.  Compatability for me has
been 100%, but the unit does have a disable switch in case some old game has
a problem with it.  My own experience and things I've read tell me that this
unit is extreemly stable and reliable.  It can take an optional external
power supply, and It even includes a pass through so that other devices can
still be plugged into the side expansion port.

This unit is in "like new" condition, and comes in it's original packaging
with docs and a memory test disk

Currently, it has 2 megs of RAM onboard but can be expanded to 4 or 8 megs
using the chips currently onboard.

I've lowered the price to $115 + COD and Shipping.
(Or you can send a check and avoid COD, It'll just take longer).


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