Dino Dini

Dino Dini

Post by Boris Koetti » Wed, 19 Oct 1994 02:32:18

        can anybody help me out ? I'm looking for the (new) e-mail address of Dino Dini.
I had no success with this one:

Thanks in advance.

1. GOAL - Escom Amigas ? From Dino Dini


Leaving aside the arguments about Escom changing the floppy hardware and
the merits or otherwise of not using the Amiga OS, I thought I'd say
something.a few things.

1) I did not use the OS for disk access, because I did not use the OS at
all.  This was for sound reasons, and most comercial Amiga games did the
same I believe (oh and if you think I'm wrong, just say so. No flames.)

2) I do not know what it would take to fix the problem, as I know
nothing about the Escom specs.

3) Virgin have effectively deleted the product as far as I know.  You
can try complaining to them, but given the situation, it might not help

4) If any one complaining has a cracked pirated copy which does not work
on a new Escom Amiga, well take a good look at yourself, eh?

5) If any one has cracked the game to work on an Escom Amiga, get in
touch.  I'll try to make it an official patch. (oh irony).

6) Similarly if any Amiga coders out there know what this problem is
about, or think they might be able to hack a solution, get in touch and
perhaps we can work out a solution.

7) This is the best I can do at the moment, but I will do more if I can.
If you are truly stuck with a genuine copy of the game and an Escom
Amiga that it won't run on, please let me know, so that I can get some
idea of the extent of the problem.

-Dino Dini

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