Drakkhen help (Am I done ? )

Drakkhen help (Am I done ? )

Post by christophe knowlt » Tue, 05 Mar 1991 15:54:12

        Hey, if you can stand to read another one of my messages, you can
ignore all the previous ones.  I have gotten all of the gems and I killed
the Prince of Fire.  Now what?  I thought that the object of the game was to
get all of the gems.  Well I got them, nothing happened.  Was I not supp-
osed to kill the Prince of fire after I killed the prince of water?  I'm
stumped again!

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1. dos-2-dos Amigados/msdos- HELP

Actually you're both right.  There's a fair amount of variation of what
PC's will handle.  I have transfered a lot of data (10's of megabytes) using
720k PC format diskettes on various IBM PS/2's and even Macs.  Below is an
aproximate scale of the "finickiness" of the systems from less to most.

PS/2 55SX      Amiga PCPatch     PS/2 30/286              Mac+DosMounter/
  PS/2 70            Amiga Msh/MultiDOS      Mac+Dynafile AppleFileExchange

Generaly, formating diskettes on a system with a loose tolerences on a
system for use on a system with close tolerences is risky.  If I want to
transfer data to a Mac I almost always format it in the Mac.  It saves a
lot of headaches.  

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