Amiga OS in `Byte' January 1991

Amiga OS in `Byte' January 1991

Post by kam hung s » Fri, 01 Mar 1991 11:31:54

There is an article titled: `The Object-Oriented Amiga Exec' by Tim
Holloway in `Byte' Jan 1991.  It is basically a very high level
overview (a tautology, I'll bet) of the OS that others love to hate:
Exec.  Featured separately as a "Best Product for 1990" is the

I've noticed recently that `Byte' includes a token Amiga article every
month.  These articles often demonstrate how backward the PC-clones
and Macs are, especially when they refer to Amiga features which are
only otherwise available for a very high price.  I remember spotting
an article in a DTP magazine an article about the Mac with a sub-title
that sounded like, "Why can't your 68030 Macintosh perform animation
like the 68000 Amiga?"  The author concluded that for just $10,000
more, animation is possible!  Snicker, snicker.



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1. WTB: AC's Tech January, 1991!

Hi, I'm looking for the January 1991 issue of AC's tech magazine. Someone told
me that it contained articles on wiring a nintendo powerglove to an Amiga, a
project I'm about to undertake. If you have that issue and would be willing to
part with it for a small amount of money, please lemme know. Also, there was a
program called "Powermouse" which came on a disk with another issue of the
mag. If you have that and would be willing to uuencode the prog (it's
shareware) and send it to me, I'd be indebted! =) Thnx,
So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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