Amiga 1200 tower (UK) FS

Amiga 1200 tower (UK) FS

Post by Phil. Ayre » Sat, 24 Oct 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

I have the following to offer -

Custom converted 1200 unit. 1240/33 accelerator with 32meg on board. Stands
in full tower case. With 1.7gig hard drive. 16x CD rom. Internal ZIP drive.
33.6K modem. 14" Microvitec Monitor. Alps multimedia keyboard. Surf Squirrel
SCSI/fast serial adaptor. 4x IDE buffered interface. Packed full of
registered software. All in top condition. Lack of space forces sale.

All at auction:




1. FS In the UK : Amiga 1200 Power Tower 040

The time has come to reluctantly part with my system:
Here`s what`s on offer:

Amiga 1200
3.2 GB HDD
14" SVGA/flicker fixer
40x CD ROM Drive
Apollo 040/40
32 MB Ram
O/S 3.5
A4000 Keyboard
Power Tower Case
AF Cover CDs
Wordworth Suite
Lots of registered games and internet software

Please email me if you`re interested and make me an offer

Keith Adams

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