Need short info and egzample how to program Amiga printer port

Need short info and egzample how to program Amiga printer port

Post by Leva » Thu, 18 Sep 1997 04:00:00


I need short info and example in AmigaE how to program Amiga printer port and
PCMCIA slot. I want to design some software/hardware and need only basic stuff
how to in OS friendly way lock and use PCMCIA slot and Printer port. It would be
great help if someone could send me small example of source code in AmigaE or C.

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1. Q: programming printer port?

I am posting for grandad, please reply directly to Don at:

"I need help with programming the printer port. Do you know anyone who
is using HiSoft basic on the amiga 4000/40.  I have to open the PAR:
(printer port) and set the pins 2 to 9 on the printer port to various
combinations to switch the midi channels on or off as required and then
close the port with that combination set and the send out the midi patch
info., then open the printer port, reset it and close it."

"I did this on the amiga 2000 using amiga basic but the 4000 doesn't
support amiga basic. "how would you go about that?"

If any amiga experts can help help out please drop Don an e-mail.


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