Will CyberVisionPPC have passthrough?

Will CyberVisionPPC have passthrough?

Post by Andrew Curtis Steph » Wed, 22 Oct 1997 04:00:00

Will the *VisionPPC have a passthrough?  Does anyone know?  Also, how many
more months are they expecting it will take to finish?  I'm asking because I'm
wondering if I should get a Picasso IV instead of waiting for the CVPPC.  (I'm
assuming I'll have a PPC accelerator relatively soon. This is not 100% certain,
though.)  A passthrough makes a lot of difference for me.



1. Any chance we wills see an EC040 accel?

Motorola released their EC040 (68EC040, no built in FPU or disabled one from
intel famed 486SX, and no MMU) some time ago now.  Are any of the accel
companies (GVP, PP&S, RCS, CSA, IVS, Microbiotics) going to take advantage of
this cheap chip as they have with the EC030.  I can see it now:  an accel which
is 30x faster than a normal 500, costing slightly more than an EC030 board...

Any manufacturers going to build one of these?  The market could be tremendous!


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