HELP W/A3000+BUST11+A4091!!!!

HELP W/A3000+BUST11+A4091!!!!

Post by Chris Gord » Wed, 22 Mar 1995 05:33:36

Hello again, I kmow some of you helped me before with suggestions
about this, but it still doesn't work. I bought a R11 buster for my
A3k 25 mhz, I have OS 2.04 in rom, and when I plug in the A4091 the
rom will not load, and the drive will not boot. Is there something I
missed? DO I need os 3.1? What are the switch settings I need in the
back of the MB? Can I ask DKB for help, or are they useless?

Any info please.

PS, please email as well as post, as our newsserver is not too




1. A4091 in a A3000? Help requested.

I posted a message to c.s.a.hardware a week ago and didn't get a single
response:( So let me ask here.

I have a new C= A4091 and I would like to use it in my A3000 as the
permanent controller. However I can not even get the computer to come
on at all when I put this into a slot.

A3000 030/25 2chip, 16 fast RAM(at the moment no accelerator)
Buster-11, Ramsey-07, DMAC-04, old WD-04(shouldn't matter?)
3.1 roms in the sockets
I also have a Spectrum, Toccatta and GVP IO Extender, but I removed
them for testing purposes and the machine still would not come up.

I cannot see any reason why this shouldn't work! Any ideas? I'm
stumped. I doubt the cards bad, considering it was new. But I will have
a friend try it on his A4000 if all else fails... Any ideas? Email me
or post here, either way just respond:-)


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