Internation 3D Tennis - help!

Internation 3D Tennis - help!

Post by Robert Doy » Sat, 04 Jun 1994 21:33:19

I got a game on my C64 (RIP) a few years ago, and I loved it.
Sensible Software's International 3D Tennis. I've searched high and
low for it but can't find a copy (legally or otherwise). I NEED THIS
AFAIK, it has sampled speech (for the umpire) on the Amiga. If someone

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1. REQ: ID this 3d tennis game

Hi all you amiga-people

I used to own an amiga, and I'm now very happy with the emulators.
But I have a little problem finding one of my first games I had.

I forgot what the game was called.

Take a look at the picture at
Or the attachment.
(Case sensitive)

It was a 3d two-player tennis-game (human vs Human or cpu.)
and when the ball (I thought it was a red/white Amiga ball)
bounced against the walls you got some powerups.

I believe the used font in the game was some kind of green digital LED-font,
Whenever you got a powerup a voiive told you what powerup it was.)
and  the tiltle screen had a red and white amigaball in the lower-right
I think this game was released after 1988.

Please help me re-live the past  ;-) and post your answer in this newsgroup.

Thanks in advance


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