BIG UK AMIGA SALE!!!! (Well, big enough!)

BIG UK AMIGA SALE!!!! (Well, big enough!)

Post by Tony Rodrigue » Fri, 03 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I am selling all of the bits and pieces from my Amiga 4000

Entire Set of 5 Rom Kernel Reference manuals (the latest set produced by
Commodore) along with a very large
folder of additional docs from Commodore (Developer stuff), all like new        

Amiga GURU book         15
Amiga DOS Manual (Bantam)       15
68000 programming               10
Zool 1 CD (Requires CD32 emulation)     8
Zool 2 CD (Requires CD32 emulation)     8
James Pond 2  CD (Requires CD32 emulation)      5
Super Stardust CD (Requires CD32 emulation)     5
Video Creator CD (Requires CD32 emulation)      10
Aminet 2,3,4,5,6,7 CDs    5 each or 20 the lot
Weird Science Multimedia Toolkit CD     5
CDPD IV CD      5
Hottest 4 Professional CD (Shareware, games, demos etc) 5
Meeting Pearls I CD     5
Meeting Pearls II CD    5
Almathera Clipart&Fonts CD   AND   Almathera Comms & Networking CD  5  the
Zoom CD (Shareware etc) 5
Euroscene 1  (Best Euro Demos CD)       5

Multiface III Multi-serial and parallel card for A2/3/4000, with full
manual, hardly used     50
Picasso II Graphics Card, manuals, software, drivers etc.               120
Power Computing A4000 Flicker Fixer (double scans ALL modes, including
Super Hires and 800x600)
also has composite video and SVideo connectors to connect to TV/video
(includes SVideo cable))        200
GVP A4008 Scsi Card for A2/3/4000, with manuals and disks       50    or      100
with  540Mb Conner SCSI-2 drive attached
Toshiba XM4101B double speed SCSI CD-ROM and CD32 emulation software 30
2 Kempton CD32 Joypad Controllers       5 each
1 Cheetah BUG joystick                  5
1 Naksha mouse and mat (v. long cable)  5
Alfa Joystick/Mouse automatic port sharer       5

Amiga 4000/40   16Mb Fast Ram           2Mb Chip Ram
                1.2Gb Western Digital EIDE hard drive
                340Mb Western Digital EIDE hard drive
                Amiga OS 3.1 with all manuals etc.
                LOTS of floppy disks
                Amiga NetBSD UNIX operating system also installed
                (Set up to boot into one of 3 modes:    Normal Amiga, CD32 boot or Unix)


or 1,500 for everything.


Amiga 3000      10Mb Fast Ram           2Mb Chip Ram
                Picasso II Graphics Card
                1Gb Conner SCSI drive
                External High Density floppy drive
                Software, tons of magazines etc.

                800   or 600 diskless

Psion 3A palm top computer

                512K Ram
                512K Memory upgrade
                PC/Amiga connection cable and software



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