pc/mac/intel jokes FAQ needed!

pc/mac/intel jokes FAQ needed!

Post by StarBlaze » Sat, 10 Dec 1994 05:24:05

Someone out there aught to collect all the cool pc/mac/intel jokes out
here on the newsgroup and compile them into a faq.  There's been some
REALLY good pentium ones out there.  And, it'd be nice to have them all
in one place.

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1. PC, PC, PC, PC, Mac, Mac, (Amiga)

This is just what happens when there isn't much to talk about. When the
new systems start coming out and a few companies start writing programs
again Amiga folks will be to bizzy enjoying thier system to have much
time to worry about Bill, Apple, and IBM.
If Amiga GmBh kicks some butt and gets companies to write more programs
for the Amiga (I'm not a business major) then this will bring it back to
life. An Amiga with out software is pretty lonely.
I plan on useing my next student loan check to get as much hardware and
software that I can get (till it hurts) to support my system and way of life.
This is about all that I can think of that will help the Amiga.

P.S. Did I mention my A1000 turns 10 yrs. old next month. Yea!
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