Big A4000T & CV64/3D System F/SALE!

Big A4000T & CV64/3D System F/SALE!

Post by Sean Bro » Mon, 28 Apr 1997 04:00:00

                QuikPak/Escom A4000 Tower

A4000T-68040 25Mhz, 2 chip, 4 fast, 1 Gig HD, 880k DDrive
        -2ea 4meg 72pin simms (12Meg total fast)
        -4X Sanyo SCSI CD-Rom
        -Phase 5 *vision64/3D
        -Magic Bundle Software (except Scala)
        -14.4 Motorola Modem
        -Megalosound-8bit sound digitizer
        -Tandy Stereo Amp/Mixer, 2 sets of inputs, 5 speakers
        -Mitsubishi 1391A Multisync monitor
        -CD-32 joypad
        -All manuals and disks (except monitor, modem & amplifier)

Asking $2250.00 and shipping for the whole lot.

-----------------  NOTES  -------------------------
The monitor has VERY slight phosphor burns which are BARELY noticeable.
Gotta be honest though. Its a great monitor that does all the Amiga
modes and up to 800x600. Has a coax video jack to accept VCR output.

EVERYTHING is in PERFECT working order! I guarantee it!

Last year I paid 2700 for just the 4000T. Quikpak is selling 'em for
$1997.00. I think I am offering a VERY fair deal considering the extra

Am I leaving the Amiga? Hell no! I'm joining the Army in a few months
and right now, I just have too much stuff.

****** Also for Sale ******
Okidata OL410EPS
        -4 pages/minute
        -Postscript!! Postscript is fast and beautiful!
        -HPIII Hewlett Packard Laserjet compatible as well.
        -Up to 600 dpi class output
        -100 sheet tray feeder
        -Power save/quiet mode
        -Amiga postscript compatible, Drivers for Mac & PC as well

1 Year old and only used two toner carts. This printer is a dream!
I was sick of waiting for 100+ papers to print. This printer will
shoot it out no problem and the quality is outstanding.

I paid $450, I'd like $250 plus shipping.
Works perfectly and I guarantee it!

Thanks folks!!!!