A small favor please..

A small favor please..

Post by Michelle Ketch » Sat, 18 May 1991 12:30:29

My boyfriend's birthday is May 19 and I'd appreciate it if a few of
you would email him congrats (he'll probably kill me, but...)

He'll be 19.
His name is Scott. He is on IRC alot as ScottE.
His address is :

Thanks to all.. Sorry for posting here but (for comp.sys.amiga.misc)
its because he's a devout Amiga fanatic and I figured the folks who
read rec.humor would have enough of a sense of humor to oblige (and
NOT to flame me)
                     Thanks again.



1. Cathedral model free for small favor

I bought the Cathedral model for $150 long ago.

I don't have a way to read the disk- my Amiga 3000 P/S died.

I send you the original 5 disk. You keep disk, & email me back the contents
of the disk. I want the
LWS file in Particular


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