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Hi Guys ...

I left a post awhile back about being fed up with this whole amiga - WAIT -
thing and basically, it was a goodbye whiner post about myself going to PC
due to the lack of development on the amiga. Well I must say I am still
whining as now I have a SUPER FAST [ Yeah right ] 486 / DX66 , quad speed

this machine suits me fine for the High LEvel - RPG games. I just wanted
to legt you guys know that I am on the other side of the coin now and still
feel that nothing --- I MEAN - Nothing compares to an amiga. It is a damn
shame that we never got the market , or development we deserved , and I
will be keeping my A1200 in the closet ..... Just in case that lucky day
comes again.

Take care Guys


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 If it isn't possible, is it then possible to connect the HD to the
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