Amiga 3000

Amiga 3000

Post by jabercrom.. » Tue, 06 Feb 2007 11:15:55


I have an amiga 3000 with a Picasso IV card, 16Meg, 2meg of RAM.
233Meg HD etc.
with an Amiga 1960 monitor.

I had bought the Picasso IV card a while back separate from the
original Compute itself.  The
card was physically installed with no apparent hardware/software
problems or repercussions at all.

The guy I bought it from sent it me a PC Formatted floppy with the
drivers on it supposedly, but I can't
seem to get it to mount/work.  I actually think the disk is corrupt.

I have tried (unsucessfully it appears configure the card/resolution)
with the Picasso 96 program
that is already installed on the machine.

I have no way of getting the actual Picasso IV drivers onto a properly
formatted amiga floppy disk
without reaching out to the amiga "community" to see if someone can
actually mail them to me.

I am 90% sure that this machine will be on Ebay in the very near

But I would like to get the Picasso IV drivers setup and configured
properly beforehand.

Any insight, feedback and or suggestions are sincerely appreciated.

I really wanted to get this machine online and do alot of things with

But work and other computer projects are completely consuming all my
time.  My main
background is Unix Solaris, Free, Open, Net BSD and OSX.

As well as Cisco.

Thanks again.