Tower Conversion Advice needed!

Tower Conversion Advice needed!

Post by Madhu Surendranat » Thu, 19 Jun 1997 04:00:00


I've taken the plunge and have decided to undertake a tower project!

Inspired by many Aminet projects, and the recent AF and CU guides, I've
some questions
to ask, before I get the hacksaw out and start cutting up the case :-) !

1) Which is the *preferable* place to mount the motherboard?  Should I
place it 'beside'
the PSU (like at CU tower, on the right hand side looking from the front)
or place it on
the left hand side back, like the Eyetech mounting point.  My full tower
*has* space, but
I don't want to limit myself incase I want to add a Zorro or Ateo busboard
at a later
date.  BTW, does anybody know any more about the Ateo Graphics board for
the 1200?

2) The keyboard.  I've decided to buy an PC->Amiga keyboard interface, but
two are
available.  Dart Computer Supplies sell one for 25UKP (but requires
soldering), and
Eyetech sell a plug-and-go unit for 40UKP.  Both have keyboard remapping
with keyboard
reset.  How 'difficult' is the soldering?

3) I've got an old Power Computing external disk drive.  As the 1200
internal drive, does
not have a front, can I take out the external drive from its case, and use
it as DF0:?
It's a Sony unit (bought in 1991).  If not, can I simply plug in a *new* HD
disk drive,
and use it as a DD drive?  I ask because Eyetech sells an adaptor to allow
HD 'PC' drives
to be used as an Amiga DD drive for 15UKP.... what does the adaptor do?

I've downloaded most (if not all) the Aminet tower guides, and have a fair
idea of what
needs to be done...

Any other advice?




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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to put the A4000/040
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How about the Zorro 3 slots?

Or how about putting the A4000 into a standard PC Midi/Big
Tower cases, how does one do that? Is it possible? What to
do with the power supply, etc....???

I am aware of the German Micronik/Eagle Tower Cases, but
they are way too expensive, isn't it cheaper possible?
How difficult is it to put the A4000 into a Tower Case?

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


The Netherlands

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