How I am using Moned

How I am using Moned

Post by Byron Montgomer » Sun, 23 Jun 1996 04:00:00

I put this right after LoadWB in my startup-sequence, ups a PAL screen to
60Hz V. 17.76kHz H.  This is with a 1084 monitor.  Your mileage may vary.
If you use overscan you might want to raise it up a bit.  I use a similar
trick with NTSC screens to get higher refresh rates without hacking monitor
drivers.  If you use a vga monitor whatever there are other alternatives.
Thought I would pass it on.

moned >nil: totclk=0xC9 totrow=0x128




1. Right/Bottom of Workbench disappears using MonEd

To all that might know,
     Ok, in the past I've posted some problems here before regarding
trouble that I was having with my SUPER72 mode shifting to the
right side of my screen.  Since then, I've gotten MonEd 3a from
Aminet and have been trying to mess around with the Super72
driver.  I have solved the problem of it shifting to the right,
saving the values from MonEd, rebooting and it would be shifted
again (MonEd didn't save right).  MonEd saved some of the values
I adjusted in the .info tool types, but not all of them.  I had to
figure out the names of the ones that were missing and put them
in by hand.  So, now my SUPER72 no longer shifts to the right
when I reboot.

Now that that's over, I have another one.  Using MonEd, I am now
trying to increase the vertical refresh rate of my SUPER72 mode.
I've gotten it up to 76 Hz, but anything higher than that, the right
side of my Workbench disappears, although the background color
stays there??  Why???  Depending upon the control that I'm
adjusting in MonEd, either the right side disappears or the bottom
disappears.  Is there any way to prevent this and still have a
higher refresh??  I would like at least 83+ Hz vertical.  Close to
90 if possible.  I have a CTX AD-1970 that I got from the old
Creative Computers (when they were still supporting the Amiga)
and it handles those rates just fine.  Thanks in advance.  Email
replies are preferred (address in signature).
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