Need jumper settings for "Harms 3500 prof Turbo Board"

Need jumper settings for "Harms 3500 prof Turbo Board"

Post by Dirk Harder-Jessa » Fri, 19 Dec 1997 04:00:00

Is there anybody out there who could mail me the jumper settings of the
"Harms   3500 prof. Turbo Board" (68030 for A200). I need it to activate
the 68882 copro on the board.


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4000 50megs ram,Warp 040/40, 120HD,320HD,340HD,2meg chip.
All mint $4200  

4000 24megs ram,Warp 040/40mhz, 120HD,500HD,2meg chip ram.
Mint shape

Both systems work great and the 50 meg system has lots of software
on it.
24meg system has some.

Will include a bernoulli disk full of objects for either system.
150 meg disk with tons of objects  etc.

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