A4000 Desktop to Tower case?

A4000 Desktop to Tower case?

Post by Scott J Cap » Wed, 28 Aug 1996 04:00:00

Has anyone successfully transformed their A4000 desktop into a tower?  I
recently ran out of drive bays and am having problems with my power
supply, so I'm considering trying this...  I realize it would be no easy
task, particularily because of the backplane for the expansion cards...

Anyone with any success/demise stories and/or tips?

Amiga 4000/040 25 MHz           |                Ariadne Ethernet
18 Megs RAM                     |                  *Vision 64
120 Meg HD                      |    AmigaDOS/MacOS/MS-DOS/NetBSD
105 Meg SyQuest Removable       |                    
Emplant MacPRO (w/e586dx)       |                     SPAM RULES!


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Could anyone tell me if it is possible to put the A4000/040
into the A3000T tower case, without too much trouble?
Are the back connectors (serial/parallel/etc) in the same
places as the A4000, or do you have to make new holes?
How about the Zorro 3 slots?

Or how about putting the A4000 into a standard PC Midi/Big
Tower cases, how does one do that? Is it possible? What to
do with the power supply, etc....???

I am aware of the German Micronik/Eagle Tower Cases, but
they are way too expensive, isn't it cheaper possible?
How difficult is it to put the A4000 into a Tower Case?

Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, thanks!


The Netherlands

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