WANTED: Amiga Ref and programing books PLUS

WANTED: Amiga Ref and programing books PLUS

Post by Jim Martin CBM Amiga Rep at St. Cloud State, » Wed, 26 Jun 1991 01:44:02


I am looking for any of the available Amiga Reference series or any other
books to help in the creation of programs for the Amiga Series of computers.
Also i am in the market for a C compiler and an assembler...

I'd prefer SAS but will consider Manx for the "right" price (:-))

The books i am looking for are (if I recall correctly):
                Amiga Libraries and Devices
                Amiga Hardware Reference Manual
                Amiga ROM Kernal Manual (w/ 1.3)
                Programmer's Guide to the Amiga (by Rob Peck)
                Amiga Programmer's Handbook Vol 1 & 2 (by Mortimore)
                Amiga Machine Language (Abacus)
                Amiga Graphics Inside and Out (Abacus)
                Beginning Amiga C (Abacus)
                Advanced Amiga C (Abacus)
                Amiga DOS Manual for 1.2 or 1.3
                Amiga DOS Inside & Out (Abacus)
                Amiga Disk Drives Inside & Out (Abacus)

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Hi everyone. I am now officialy desperate to get my hands on some form
of reference manual / programming guide that will detail how to get at
the library functions for intuition, etc. with the C language.

Now's your chance to pawn off those books you already know by heart ;)

reply via EMail to

thanks !  

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