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Post by Rex B. Gri » Sun, 19 Nov 1995 04:00:00

: : Where can I get a (Amiga) driver for the parallel version of the ZIP-drive.

: If anyone has any info on this, I am interested as well - I'd like to buy
: one of the two drives but haven't decided yet (there's no clear-cut choice
: - I've seen and used both and they appear similar enough to make it a coin
: toss)..

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  Sigh....  Why do I torture myself by reading and responding to these
stupid questions every week?  You can't use a parallel Zip Drive on an
Amiga.  It is not because someone has not written a driver it is because
the driver can't be written due to hardware constraints.

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Same way.  Can someone help?   Thank you in advance.

                                  --Efrain Gonzalez


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