FS UK: Power Tower 1200

FS UK: Power Tower 1200

Post by MC » Sat, 19 May 2001 02:39:01

The following system professionally built by Power Computing UK is

Amiga 1200 inside Power Tower Case.
PPC 180mhz PPC 603e with 060/50 Chipset.
Mikronik Zorro 2 Busboard. Buffered IDE Interface.
32mb RAM. 4.3gb Hard-disk. 2 Floppy Drives.
Delfina Lite 16 bit Zorro SoundCard.
Squirrel SCSI Interface and 40x SCSI CD Rom.
14" Micovitec Multi-sync Monitor.
Software also included.
May split for right price??

UK Sale preferred.


1. FS In the UK : Amiga 1200 Power Tower 040

The time has come to reluctantly part with my system:
Here`s what`s on offer:

Amiga 1200
3.2 GB HDD
14" SVGA/flicker fixer
40x CD ROM Drive
Apollo 040/40
32 MB Ram
O/S 3.5
A4000 Keyboard
Power Tower Case
AF Cover CDs
Wordworth Suite
Lots of registered games and internet software

Please email me if you`re interested and make me an offer

Keith Adams

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