AmigaDos 2.04 wanted for A2000

AmigaDos 2.04 wanted for A2000

Post by Thorne Kont » Fri, 14 Feb 1992 01:30:16

     It has been since December that my name was placed on a
waiting list for the new 2.04 OS, and I am still waiting.
If anyone knows of any dealerships in the S.F. Bay area
other than HT Electronics or a reliable mail-order house,
I would appreciate your help. The important point here is
they must have it in stock.

     Please E-mail or post your help as soon as possible.

                                Many thanks,
                                Thorne K. Kontos


1. 2.04 ROM/AmigaDOS 2.04


Well, it's upgrade time here, and so I'm looking for 2.04 ROM/AmigaDOS 2.04.
I know it's unlikely that anyone will sell these alone, but it's worth a shot :-)

A note: A local dealer wants quite a lot for the above products--in fact, I could
probably get a used 2.04 Amiga 500 for just a hare over what they're asking (if and
when they ever get any in stock), and this is something I'd be willing to consider.
Spare parts never hurt anyone.... :-)

In short, if you've got a 2.04 A500 you can't get rid of, or just 2.04 ROMS/DOS,
_Please_ contact me with your prices. I'm open to bargaining...


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