SMD Interface!>??

SMD Interface!>??

Post by Per Anderss » Tue, 19 Nov 1991 19:29:17

>I, unfortunately do not recall what SMD stands for, but I assure you that it
>does *not* stand for SCSI Micro Device.

Very true. I think it is Storage Module Drive actually.

Quote:>In fact, DEC OEMed CDC's 14" SMD drives as the RM03 and RM05 and someone elses
>drives as the RM/RB/RA80 (depending upon the DEC interface board installed)

But they built an additional controller half the size of two drives ( for the
RM05) so I'm not sure you could use it as a straight SMD drive even if you
wanted to. It looks like MASSBUS to the Vaxen.

Quote:>If you can get a SCSI<->SMD converter for under $150, then this drive is
>probably a good deal.  Otherwise, the shoebox and adapter could make the
>price/performance ratio of this deal less than attractive.

Companys like Hitachi, Seagate(Imprimis/CDC) and Fujitsu now makes small,
beautiful and fast SMD drives, so you can put fast low power disks on your
old SUN etc. Probably not worth the effort on an Amiga. One could buy it and
trade it for a SCSI disk if the price is right.


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1. SMD Interface!>??

Hi Guyz, its me again...
  I was reading this ad from a computer liquidator... they is
selling Hitachi's 670 meg hard drive for $599... but it needs
SMD interface... huh... is there away to hook one up to a
A3000... how about an A500?  I think over half a gig for under
$600 is a great deal?  What you say?

                                        J.Norell Guttman


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