Req: Jetstrike AGA - Let's keep that ball rolling ...

Req: Jetstrike AGA - Let's keep that ball rolling ...

Post by Shane Monro » Wed, 16 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Okay, I'm coughing up here ... Someone wanna post JETSTRIKE AGA now? :)

Uhhh.... huhuhuhhuhuh .... Like, a HD version would all cool and stuff
... But I'll like, take what I can get .. huhuh uhuhu ...I said HARD ...
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1. ***Opera*** Let's keep encouraging people to write for the Amiga

level 5 Bullet resistive vest on...Check
Fire resistant suit on...Check
Tether system installed and locked down...check

Yes, I've sent this to 5 newsgroups...I think it's really important to
encourage all developers to produce for the Amiga.

Yes, I know we have 3/4 browsers and Netscape source is available.

Despite that, any Amiga software development is good, and you never
know, they may produce another Amiga title later once they have success
with Amiga Opera.

Opera announced on October the 10th that they were looking for support
for other platforms namely BeOs, Linux/X11, OS/2, Mac

On the 8th January 1998, they finally added the Amiga.

On the 21st Jan (2-weeks for the Amiga, 3-months for the other Os's the
results were :-

BeOs                -        350 approx.
Linux/X11        -        950 approx.
OS/2                -        1,600 approx.
Mac                -        2,250 approx.

Amiga            -        1,500 approx.

Outstanding for only 2 weeks. OS/2 are in our sight's, the Mac isn't
really that far away.

Amigan's. Whatever your views with your current Amiga browser, or of
Netscapes entrance onto the scene, please go to the web page at :-

Or just send an e-mail to :-

saying that you would like to see an Amiga version of Opera.

Lets' also hope that Amiga Inc. are getting their act together. They are
too quiet.  Future Amiga's, Linux without the overhead.

I have to use Un*x as well as M$ windows, but the Amiga OS is the best.


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4. Why is ttyname_r() setting errno?

5. JETSTRIKE AGA SAVES !!!!!!!!!!!

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