Just thinking about the Mac superbowl commercial

Just thinking about the Mac superbowl commercial

Post by John Tyle » Sun, 31 Dec 1899 09:00:00

Okay, the infamous Mac superbowl commercial (a synopsis for those who
were mowing the lawn or disinterested in American footbal) ---

Slack jawed, skinheaded drones march in unison into an auditorium where
"Big Blue Brother" rants from an extremely wide screen monitor to the
assembled masses. Intercut with this a runner in apple tee shirt and red
shorts, chased into the theater by helmetted black leather encrusted mind

With a shout, she whips a maul about her head, and in slow motion flight
into the screen, which explodes covering the assembled throng with dust...
a voice intones "... why 1984 will not be like 1984.

Has anyone ever listened to the image of "Big Blue" in the background
of this commercial? (just a partial quote)

        "We are of one mind, with one purpose...
        "Our enemies will talk themselves to death...
        "and we WILL prevail.'

So, do we talk ourselves to death? Or do we let OUR enemies (IBM being a
non-issue, I was thinking of other enemies) prevail? What is our "one
mind", our "one purpose"?

What are we doing to save ourselves? Talking ourselves to death while we
wait for some "deus-ex-machina" company to throw the hammer for us? Can we
not throw the hammer for ourselves?

Are we the runner in that commercial, or are we the slack jawed masses? Or
are we something else entirely?

The fate of the Amiga is NOT in the hands of trustees Viscorp/P5/Pios or
anyone else. It is in our hands. We need to move forward with what we have
at hand, we must take as an article of faith that whatever we create can
be made to run on a future Amiga with a recompile and a prayer to Murphy.
We are the ones who decide our fates and the fate of our machine...

Unless, we talk ourselves to death.



1. What do you all think about the new Macs?

Hi all,

        I am not looking for a flame-war.  I would like to have a semi-serious
discussion on the new Macs with the _mature_ netters here.  (Those immature
ones please go do something else.)  

        I am mostly concerned about two machines: the color classics and
the Centris 650.  The Color Classic (though only has a 16bit bus) is a
low-cost 030 Mac with a 10" color monitor built-in.  It will be sold for
about $1000 US (color monitor, harddisk, 4MB of ram, keyboard, etc. included).
Before everyone starts telling me how bad this machine is... let's think
about average joe users... this machine is an ideal portable machine to
do presentation/classroom stuff.

        Now, the Centris 650.  The thing that shocked me was the price.
For around USD$2600, you can get a 25Mhz 040, 8MB of RAM, 3 Nubus slots,
80MB scsi harddisk, 16bit graphics, 8bit sound, 1 PDS, etc.  In other
words, it's specs is very closed to the Amiga 4000.  Now, think about it:
would an average joe buy an 040 Mac or an Amiga 4000?  I know the 4000
has HAM8, a better OS and can do a lot more neat things... but let's not
forget the Mac will have a faster 256 color mode.  Also, Macs used to
be more expensive and less powerful than the Amiga.  Yet, Apple managed to
sell more Macs than C= could with the Amiga.  Now, the price gap is getting
smaller and smaller... I begin to worry how many people will start buying
highend Macs... and how many developers will jump-ship.

        Don't get me wrong.  I still love the amiga.  I just want to talk
about the new Macs with you guys... and see what you all think about them.
I really hope C= would do something (like reduce the price even further...
;) to sell more Amigas.  I still want my 040 Amiga+24bit gfx+scsi+"that cool
awesome good-looking deinterlacer-<grin>"+dsp... so, Mr. Haynie, what do you
think?  how about the marketing studs and studettes?? :)

Yours Sincerely,

PS: does VistaPro 2.0/3.0 look good even when using ECS??  I only have
    ECS... but I would love to get VistaPro...

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